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Water-filled wonders are your opportunity to surprise and delight your family and friends. We support your desire to create space for a soothing stream, a tranquil pond, an effervescent waterfall, or a liquid work of art that draws you in to relax and breathe.

Our Water Features Expertise

Discover the endless possibilities of relaxing with Southern Landscape's ponds and water features. Our team is skilled in designing and building water walls, waterfalls, play structures, rocks, ponds, and much more to fit your Austin, Texas outdoor space. Don't settle for a mediocre outdoor space when you can have a stunning water feature that will take your breath away. Contact us today and let's get started!

Our Water Features Process

Our Southern Landscape design professionals have the expertise, talent, and experience to create an environment that considers form and function. We offer bespoke design services for a nominal retainer to cover the cost and time of our expert designer. After analyzing your site, we'll work with you to create a master plan that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We use cutting-edge design tools to create realistic renderings and design sample boards to illustrate your design elements, materials, textures, and colors.

Our Water Features Results

We bring water to life in both large and small spaces for relaxation or spectacular views. Our clients love the subtle yet splashy and sparkly personality of their custom-designed water features.

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We are experts at master planning and consider issues that many design firms ignore. Every project is designed to last - we have seen the results from every corner that can be cut and we refuse to compromise on quality and materials.


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