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Landscape and Construction Care Guide for Austin Properties

Although most plants and shrubbery have specific care guidelines that are particular to their species, here are some general guidelines you can refer to along with the information that will be given to you upon completion of your project:

New Sod

Water is critical, regardless of the time of year. We recommend the following watering schedule:

* Grass is established when you can no longer pick up corners of the sod.

Other Tips
  • Wait 3‐4 weeks after grass was planted to treat with fertilizer.
  • Insect Control‐ Treat as needed for chinch bugs & white grubs (June‐August).
  • Newly Installed grass should not be mowed for the first 2‐3 weeks.
  • It is suggested that you do not remove all the grass clippings as they provide a good source of nitrogen and organic matter.
  • Mowing height should be adjusted upward from June to September to increase the drought tolerance of the grass.
New Trees
  • Irrigation systems are NOT sufficient to water newly planted trees for the first year in the ground.
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy.
  • The feeder roots of a new tree are in the edges of the rootball, so sufficient water must be applied to reach a 2 ft radius from the trunk.
  • For the first week, water every day, reducing water thereafter.
Water Features
  • Remove debris from the filter basket at least once per week.
  • Ensure that water levels remain sufficient for proper pump operation.
  • Check auto‐fill/float valve weekly. Operate your water feature regularly.
  • Stagnant water increases fungal and insect growth.
  • Engage a professional pool service for weekly maintenance to increase the longevity of your pool.
  • Ensure that leaves and debris are collected and removed from the pool on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that water levels are consistent and sufficient to allow proper circulation.
  • Read and follow the instructions on your pool equipment.

Kitchen Counters

Lueders or Natural Stone
  • Clean with a non‐abrasive cleaner and sponge that will not scratch the surface. Use vinegar to remove grease stains. 
  • Seal every year with Aquaron I‐ Shield.
Granite Countertops
  • Clean the surface whenever needed with just a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap (available with us or at any granite tile supply shop), or mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Be sure to use a clean rag or towel and not too much soap as to avoid streaking.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with the soap solutions and dry is a clean towel. Be sure to change the rinse water frequently.
  • Avoid using products that contain lemon, vinegar, scouring powders or creams, or any other cleaner with a high acid count that might otherwise etch or scratch the surface.
  • Minimize soap scum by using a squeegee after each use. To remove soap scum, be sure to use a non‐acidic soap scum remover. Frequent use of ammonia solution may eventually dull the surface of the stone.
  • Blot up all spills immediately before they can penetrate the surface.
  • Seal granite every 1‐2 years to avoid cloudiness and staining.
Tile Countertops
  • Seal the grout lines with a commercial sealant before using the countertops. The tiles themselves have a protective coating, but the grout is still susceptible to staining. A coat of sealant prevents stains from spilling.
  • Clean any messes immediately to prevent stains from setting. A mild detergent is generally enough to clean the surface of your tile countertop. Use an all‐purpose cleaning spray only if the label indicates it is safe to use on the tile.
  • Reseal grout once a year to prevent stains

Decks, Stairs, and Railings

Wooden Balconies, and Stairs
  • Apply a deck cleaner annually
  • Apply a new coat of sealer/stain annually
  • Avoid using a power washer - it will remove all of the stain and damage the wood.
Stainless Steel Cable Rail
  • Clean stainless steel with soap and water or a stainless steel cleaner. Never clean with mineral acids or bleaches.
  • Inspect cable assemblies annually for proper tension and re‐tension as necessary with an Allen wrench.
Wrought Iron Fencing and Railings
  • Inspect yearly for rust.
  • Replace any missing caps to keep water out of the inside of the post
  • Use drip irrigation near the fence to prevent rust
  • Clean regularly with dish soap and water

Outdoor Kitchens

Grill Maintenance
  • Keep your burners free of grease and other debris by cleaning them after each use
  • Check all hoses on a regular basis for normal wear and tear
  • Use grill cover when not in use. We recommended that the grill cover should have a cloth lining to wick away moisture and help prevent rust.
Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Rinse stainless‐steel surfaces regularly with clean water.
  • Wash them gently. Not with chemical cleansers ‐ just a little soapy water will do.
  • Dry the surface completely to prevent mineral deposits from building up

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