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Frequently Asked Landscape Design Build Questions

  • A professional design-build contractor has the resources necessary to complete a project from conception to final installation. Southern Landscape is a "one‐stop shop" - our professional designers and in‐house construction crews work as a team to ensure a seamless process, from dream to exuberance. This allows us to control quality, timing, phasing, and construction details and plan modifications that ultimately determine your satisfaction.

  • Wow, this is a huge question! The number of variables that impact cost in an outdoor kitchen are nearly infinite because every design is unique. The cost of an outdoor kitchen is determined largely by the type, brand, and number of amenities, as well as material, size and placement. We have found that people in the Austin area typically spend between $20,000 and 30,000 for a custom outdoor kitchen that is equipped with a quality grill, refrigerator, and sink. 

  • We do not charge for the initial consultation. This is your opportunity to learn about Southern Landscape and our process, while you share your ideas and vision for your project. This is a great starting point to build our relationship with you and your property.

  • As professional landscape designers and contractors, we take your dreams and your property seriously. We use our experience, skill, and professional expertise to assess and analyze your site, your project, and your expectations. This process takes time and expertise, which is why we do not give estimates. Beware the contractor that immediately throws out a price without first considering all the details of your specific project.

  • There are always cheaper options or corners to be cut, however, that style of doing business does not fit our work ethic. We have been in business for over 40 years and we have seen them all: from concrete poured without reinforcement, to improper retaining walls, to pipes and wiring cut and left exposed.

    Working with a professional contractor offers you many protections which extend beyond the inherent value of experience. We are fully licensed, bonded insured and we make safety a priority. For instance, if you work with an unlicensed or uninsured contractor, you may be liable to pay for injuries and rehabilitation for a worker who is injured while working on your property. Our experienced team is experienced and well-trained in their job and our expectations, and our team averages over 10 years of employment with Southern Landscape.

    Perhaps most importantly, is our accountability – you can find us when you need us. We proudly list our physical address and phone number, there is no hiding behind post office boxes, burner phones, or non-proprietary email accounts.

  • It depends on the project and local codes. Most pure landscape projects do not require permits. Most projects involving construction e.g., patios, arbors, firepits, pools, or retaining walls, usually require some sort of permit. Our professional landscape designers are well-versed in permitting requirements and handle the permitting process for you.

  • Absolutely! Every HOA is different, and we have worked with most of them in the area. We work with your HOA to ensure conformation to specs and handle the approval processes during design and construction.

  • You bet. It is not uncommon to complete large projects in phases. Because we are a design-build firm, we can make recommendations on phasing and design, and then construct your project to minimize staging conflicts while maximizing your return.

  • That is a great way to help communicate your ideas. We will review your design at the initial consultation and discuss the best way to proceed and achieve the very best finished product. In almost all cases, additional design work is necessary to confirm that your design is complete and is inclusive of all details required for us to construct the project through completion. It's not that we don't trust the design you may have, it's that our standards and quality control are higher than our competitors.

  • Constructing a landscape or outdoor living project that meets your dreams and lasts a lifetime is more than simply digging holes and hammering nails. Every site has its own unique set of issues which need to be addressed. Elements like sun exposure, site drainage, grading, material selection, and installation techniques can make a drastic difference in the final product and, ultimately, your satisfaction.

    Here's an example: A recent client was determined to use a beautiful painted clay tile in his new pool, which we recommended against. When we refused to install that tile, he hired the local "tile guy" to install it. Three months later, we were called back to replace not only the disintegrated tile, but the pool equipment that had been destroyed by recirculating the tile debris. An expensive lesson in the value of professional design!

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