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Custom Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation  

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What is the one element that can make or break a masterpiece or photo shoot? If you guessed lighting, you are correct. This is how we feel about outdoor lighting, and we approach your landscape challenges accordingly.

We know the subtle tricks of the lighting trade that will give your home that WOW factor and set it apart from all others. In addition to stunning your friends and neighbors, your bright new outdoor landscape lighting will be easy for you to use and offers a higher degree of security than unlit properties. Our designers craft bespoke lighting effects into small or large spaces, pools, water features, steps, outdoor kitchens, walkways, driveways, and anywhere you can imagine.

Our clients typically spend $3,000-$10,000 for quality lighting systems, which is determined by the number of fixtures and features in the system. If you love to spend time outside, you can make the days last longer with outdoor lighting, enhancing the ambiance and safety of your property.

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We are experts at master planning and consider issues that many design firms ignore. Every project is designed to last - we have seen the results from every corner that can be cut and we refuse to compromise on quality and materials.


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